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Guy Lane: sustainability story-teller

Guy Lane’s fiction novels show him to be a cerebral world-watcher who tells a
simple story in order to communicate the complexity of our fractious world.

Bill Spee

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Guy Lane's novels showcase the ideas of a practitioner and thought-leader in sustainability. He is a strategist, advisor, commentator and entrepreneur.

The novels cover a wide variety of contemporary sustainability themes and the reader is invited to participate through reviews, comments and suggestions.

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The Martian Cat
A grim, adult satire that seeks to discredit the insane notion of creating a human colony on Mars. Visit The Martian Cat webpage

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The Martian Cat is a grim, adult satire that seeks to discredit the crazy idea of sending humans to live on Mars. In the story, space engineer Charlie Darling is the only one of 120 passengers on the Inter-Planet shuttle to arrive at the Mars Resort alive. He finds the resort destroyed, and all but one of the Mars colonists dead. The only survivor is a deranged female medic called Maddy whose driving quest is to prove that the ailment called Martian Madness is cause by fungus growing in the human brain. Driven to despair by this grim situation, Charlie finds solace in the Martian Cat, an emaciated feline who just wants to avoid becoming someone's meal. Charlie and the Martian Cat have little chance of survival, on their own. Will their odds improve if they stick together?

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A transformative novel that seeks to kick off a global revolution for sustainability and human happiness. Visit Eearth website

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In the suburbs, both rich and poor, in this country and overseas, lives a people who see the world differently. Eearth People are guided by a belief in sustainability and happiness, and by those who take the lead. One such leader has only months to live, and he is on a mission to leave behind as much sustainability and happiness as he can, before he goes. Eearth is not just a tense drama that explores the conflicting worldviews that stress today’s society: fossils versus photons, and Baby Boomers versus Millennials. Eearth is also your pathway to a unique personal enlightenment, to Eearth Belief, and your contribution to the Long Culture.

Listen to Guy Lane introduce Eearth, the novel. and read Eearth, today.

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A marine science fiction adventure story that sets the oil industry against a popular public aquarium.

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Lucy Callahan (38) is known as the Sealioness of Aquaria Bay due to her reputation for risk-taking, showmanship and thinking big. She’s the founder of Aquaria, the world’s most popular public aquarium and marine science precinct. One day, an oil rig ominously parks offshore. Callahan learns that Expedient Energy plans to drill for petroleum in the Aquaria marine park. The threat crystallises when the oil firm take over the Aquaria board, and the extent of their plan becomes known. Callahan dives into battle, prepared to risk everything – even her own safety - to protect her life’s work. However, when her partner, Sam, starts running interference, Callahan realises that winning the battle against the oil firm may come at a personal cost. How will the Sealioness of Aquaria Bay respond to this dilemma? Will she give in to Sam’s wishes, or fight to the bitter end, and deal with the consequences.

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Heart of Bone
Psychological drama about the the global superclass and the conflict they cause. Visit Heart of Bone website

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Rebecca is a personal assistant to billionaire poison merchant, Gilly Clay, and she's trapped in a ruinous employment contract. Her life flashes past through a mane of ginger hair and stress. Rebecca keeps her sanity through a secret love affair with psychologist and author, Tom Snowdon. Snowdon's new book - Sustainability and the Superclass - gets inside the heads of the powerful men who run the world so badly. One day, Clay adopts an 8-year-old boy, Montgomery Earle, and grooms him as the heir to both the business empire and his defective moral compass. Seeing this, all of Rebecca’s certainties slip away and she's forced to make a choice. Will she keep silent and watch the young boy being corrupted, or risk everything by speaking out?

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Historical fiction set on a steam ship in 1911. Visit the Yongala website

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Boer War veteran Corben Plath has nothing to lose when his estranged half-brother (the C.E.O. of the Queensland Coal Board) offers him blood money and a ticket on the luxury cruise liner S.S. Yongala. Aboard Yongala, Prof. Frederick Portland is traveling to Townsville with his young niece, Felicity, and his renewable energy invention, the 'Smoke Engine'. Fearing that the Smoke Engine will ruin them, the Coal Board task Plath with murdering Portland and destroying his machine. Onboard the ship, Plath strikes an innocent friendship with Felicity, not realizing that she is the niece of the man he has been sent to kill. As Yongala steams into heavy weather, Plath learns that there are armed men aboard looking for him. Tired of fighting, he comes to see that his own salvation depends on Felicity surviving the storm.

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The Moogh
Ecological fantasy about a peaceful monster that becomes an icon of peace and sustainability. Visit The Moogh website

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When people see the Moogh, they run towards it screaming with joy, believing it to be a messenger of peace and sustainability. Not Maggie Tarp. She keeps her head and now she's the Moogh Reporter for the Fractious News Network. She’s embedded with, the shadowy organisation that won the UN contract to manage Moogh affairs. Unfortunately, for Maggie, her bosses don’t like the stories that she writes about spirituality and Moogh philosophy - they just don’t sell. So they pair her up with the hot-shot journalist, Perrin Speer. Sparks fly, and Maggie rejects everything that Perrin tries to teach her. Perrin falls foul of when he reveals that they are killing people to hide a deadly secret. As the Moogh Zone descends into chaos, Maggie finds that the Moogh also keeps a secret. But does she have what it takes to get the story?

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Ecological sci-fi about a spaceman who comes to save the planet. Visit Intervene website

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Anton Vorlov runs the world’s biggest company, Between Destiny, from an island off the coast of Dubai. Officially, he’s a billionaire from Ukraine, but he's actually a trillionaire spaceman - and his real name is Zem. He never sleeps, and his vast organisation spends $100 billion a week financing the restructure of the global economy to make it sustainable. Zem is trained to handle complicated international negotiations and the inevitable interference of the oil industry. But he never got taught about Earth women. So, when his personal assistant - a feisty red-head called Megan - decides that she wants his attention, Zem gets right out of his depth. Will Zem complete his mission, or will the Earth people interfere and end up with a destiny of their own making?

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The Oil Price
Satire about the merciless methods of the oil industry and the blocking moves of environmentalists. Visit The Oil Price website

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Danny Lexion is a property developer and he easily meets his two life goals: he looks good and makes lots of money. One night, out on the town, he falls for an unlikely match, Bren Hannan. They call her the Carbon Cop. Bren's mission is to run interference on a ruthless oil company, Peking Petroleum. To do this, she she needs to get to a UN Conference in Dubai. Danny offers to fly her there, thinking that it might lead to some romance in an exotic city. In Dubai, Danny learns that Bren's story doesn't check out. Instead, he finds himself in the cross-hairs of Storm Front, a mercenary security firm protecting Peking Petroleum's interests. As the bullets fly through the streets of Dubai, Danny learns that he is not as indispensable to Bren's plan as he first thought.

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Works in Progress
Canfield Ocean
Young adult fiction set on the Canfield Ocean, six hundred years in the future.

Kitty lives in a bubble on a dead ocean with her mother and her hyperactive brother, Charlie. When Uncle Lou, the fixer from the ruling Tweedle Family, takes Charlie away, Kitty sets out to rescue him. In so doing, she unwittingly helps to kick start the brooding revolution against the tyrannic rule of the Tweedle Family.

Canfiled Ocean is coming soon.

The Statue of Liberty
Set in New York, a satirical story about a misguided social activist (Chaliban) and one of his naive followers (Vince Paltry).

Stock broker, Vinnie Paltry lacks stature but he's not short of pluck. When Wall Street crashes and he loses his job, he teams up with Chaliban, the hot-headed social-activist who's mission is to save America from itself. With Chaliban as his guide, he makes some quick cash by stealing from a rich bank executive. Freed from having to work, Vinnie ventures further into Chaliban's utopian 'Liberty Plan for America'. He soon finds himself mixed up in a crazy deal involving the Statue of Liberty - a deal for which he doesn't have an exit strategy. Will he finally learn to stop being so paltry,or will he end up as one of the victims on the evening news?

The Statue of Liberty is coming soon.

On War
A war story inspired by the Arab Spring.

Yusef just wants to run his business and hang out with his mates. He has no interest in the war that rumbles in the neighbouring city. But war is interested in Yusef, and when it reaches towards him, his young sister falls victim to artillery fre. Enraged, Yusef dives into the battle, and is promply blasted back again. Uncle Titan, a war veteran, visits him in hospital and insists that if Yusef is to go back to the front lines, that he should have a tutor and a very narrow and well defined mission. Yusef and Titan go to war with a singular goal, to kill the man who fired the shell. Finding one soldier on the front line proves to be a challenge, and the outcome a great surprise.

On War is coming soon.

Marshall Cove Scuttles a Clownship
Adult marine fantasy featuring tuna boats and mermaids.

When Marshall Cove joins the tuna fishing boat Gutter, he finds himself aboard the worst kind of boat there is: a Clownship. He watches the behaviour of the drug-addled crew degenerate into flagrant marine pollution and sadistic acts against the bycatch. Marshall sets murder them all in their sleep, but the Mermaids intervene. They ask him to bring the crew to trial, for they have their own form of marine justice to dish out. To do this, Marshall must take on the dangerous and drugged-up crew on a boat far from land. Can he prevail, or will he end up like the poor barracuda.

Marshall Cove Scuttles a Clownship is coming soon.

A science fiction story about a beautiful visitor who cares about nature.

ooQoo arrives in a spaceship that bumps alongside the International Space Station. ooQoo forms a bond with Casey, one of the astronauts, communicating with her telepathcially. The ISS crew fall asleep and when they wake, ooQoo has found her way inside the space station. The ISS crew befriend ooQoo and eventually bring her Earth. ooQoo spends months adapting to Earth's gravity and finally escapes and sets up in a zoo. ooQoo communes with the animals, imposes on them not to harm humans, nor to breed has animals released. The police swoop in and massacre all the escaped animals. ooQoo falls into depression and calls upon Casy. ooQoo kisses Casey and tells her to pass the kiss to everyone who believes that nature and humans are equal. She does this. When all the kisses have been passed, ooQoo has her ship depart the space station. As the ship enters Earth's atmosphere, it burns up and releases spores that kill everyone apart from those who shared the kiss. ooQoo wanders into the forest accompanied by 18 Bengal Tigers, her mission complete.

ooQoo is coming soon.

About 'Eearth' the novel


Eearth is a fictionalised introduction to Eearth Culture: an integrated system of belief, knowledge and practice devoted to environmental sustainability and human contentment.



Despite how it may sometimes seem, we humans are not a virus that plagues the Earth, one that will inevitably be wiped-out by the planet’s immune system.

Instead, we are simply a species that is not doing its job. And how could we be doing our jobs? We have never received clear instructions about our duties?

Few people realise that we humans have a simple role on this planet: to nurture and protect the natural living systems, and to foster contentment among our fellow humans.

That’s why we are here. It really is that simple.

So how do we get millions of people onboard that mission?

Eearth novel introduces the concept of ecophiny – an ecological epiphany. An ecophiny is a emotional, intellectual or spiritual realisation that we humans are a part of nature, and that we must change our ways if we want to live in balance with her. Ecophiny calls us into action. Action that is unique to each individual.

Personally, my ecophiny has been a long, drawn out process that continues to this very day. I have been having ecophinies since my early twenties. My first, I remember clearly; I stood on the bow of an oil exploration ship off the coast of Taiwan, watching thousands of plastic bags drift past. Earlier that day, I had been reading in Newsweek that Taiwan was one of the Asian Tiger economies – and that its ‘development’ pathway was the economic blueprint for the entire developing world.

I had many ecophines working in the offshore oil industry, as you might imagine. And there have been many more since, including a profound insight that I had during a presentation in Townsville at around 7.15 pm on 2 November, 2000. That was the day that I learned the word ‘sustainability’.

This book is about sustainability, and it touches on some of the ideas that can help to bring it about. It is not a textbook that seeks to cover every aspect of the field. Instead, it’s an invented snapshot in time and space that seeks to illustrate key themes. It’s a story. A drama. An adventure of personal growth.

Eearth, the novel is a fictionalised introduction to Eearth Culture, an integrated system of belief, knowledge and practice that is devoted to environmental sustainability and human contentment, world-wide. Eearth Belief takes the template of Western Society, shakes off the bits that don’t make sense, or hold us back; and replaces them with a sustainable version. The prime example of this is Eearth New Year, as you will read, later on.

The global spread of Eearth Culture – or something like it – may be the only thing that stands between the humans and the Short Future that you can sense everytime you turn on the world news, or listen to the analysts talk about abrupt climate change.

I hope that you enjoy Eearth, the novel. Maybe you’ll have an ecophiny.


Guy Lane
Author and Founder, Eearth Culture
20 January 2017


If this lunk can have an ecophiny, there's hope for us all.

Guy Lane coiling streamer cables on the deck of oil exploration ship Karen Bravo, Taiwan, 1991.




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